Brandi Carlile's Stunning Solo Performance on Ellen


Brandi Carlile's Stunning Solo Performance on Ellen

After putting on an unbelieveable performance of "The Joke" at the the 61st Annual Grammys this past Sunday, Brandi Carlile was invited to perform it once again on the Ellen Show late yesterday afternoon. This time, she chose to perform it solo with just a guitar in hand.

"The highlight of Carlile’s performance came toward the end, with Carlile belting at the top of her register, bringing the room to a standing ovation. After the set, the singer spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her Grammy acceptance speeches and what it felt like being the most-nominated female artist of the night.

'I came out of the closet when I was 14 years old because of you,' Carlile told DeGeneres. 'I never attended any parties or was ever invited to a dance or anything like that. I basically said that to be embraced by such an enduring and loving community was the dance of a lifetime.'

DeGeneres praised the singer for bravery and mentioned Carlile’s upcoming Madison Square Garden performance. Carlile described the achievement as an "unfathomable dream" that she’s extremely excited to see come true." En excerpt from Billboard

Happen to miss the show? Check out the breath taking performance on Ellen Tube here.